Jun. 28th, 2009

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Title: Echoes of the Past
Author: Daylyn
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (in the 22nd Century)
Pairing: Holmes/Watson (from the past)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine and no profit is intended.

Summary: The 22nd century had more changes than Holmes realized, including allowing men to marry each other. Holmes’ memories stray to the past and his relationship with Watson.

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Echoes of the Past
By Daylyn

We were running after Martin Fenwick, Professor Moriarty’s 22nd century henchman, chasing him through a hotel lobby. Inspector Beth Lestrade of New Scotland Yard was shooting at him with her vaporizer, yelling out her ineffective order to stop. I had not decided if her great-great-great – however far removed he was – ancestor would be proud or appalled by her behavior. People were diving to the floor in order to avoid the blasts. I was always a bit astonished at the low casualty rate that we incurred, especially since we were far from cautious in our chase.

Watson, robot Watson that is, was bringing up the rear, scanning for any additional Moriarty accomplices. I saw Fenwick quickly dart into one of the grand ballrooms.

“That way,” I cried and ran toward the room. Lestrade and Watson were close behind.

We burst into the room and found ourselves in the midst of a wedding ceremony. The guests scattered as they saw Lestrade’s weapon.

“Where is he?” she demanded. The guests looked bewildered.

I checked the door, and then noticed a slight passageway off to the right. There was another door which led back into the lobby. Fenwick had obviously given us the slip. Again.

Beth Lestrade looked at the hallway. “Damn!” she cried.

I quite agreed with her.

The wedding guests were looking at us curiously. I smiled in my most charming manner and turned toward them. “Our sincere apologies,” I said soothingly. I looked toward the front of the room. “Best wishes on your nuptials.”

It was then that I observed the happy couple more closely and I realized that the vows that were about to be exchanged were between two men.

I felt my knees go weak.
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