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Written for [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali's AWDT challenge prompt: a letter that includes 'I'm sorry, he's dead,' or 'I'm sorry he's dead.'

Thanks to [ profile] jamie2109 for the beta. *big hugs*

Title: The Letter
Author: Daylyn
Pairing: SS (gen)
Rating: G
Length: 801 words
Disclaimer: Nope. Still not mine.
Summary: Severus sends weekly letters to his father. Finally, he receives a reply.

The Letter

Severus was surprised by the owl’s arrival and even more surprised by the sender. While he had been writing every week to his father at the West Yorkshire Home for the Old Aged and Infirmed, he had never once received a reply.

He wondered why he would receive a letter now, less than a week before he was about to leave Hogwarts as a fully-trained wizard. Tobias Snape always claimed to loathe his son’s “freakish” nature. Severus wondered if perhaps his father had a change of heart as he lay in his hospital bed, with the cancer caused by years of working in the mill slowly eating him away.

Severus felt the curious stares from his Slytherin classmates, for he rarely received mail, especially not since his mother’s death. He kept it hidden from view, knowing that it was unwise to announce a connection to his Muggle father in the current Slytherin climate.

Finally, late that night, sitting alone by the fire in his Common Room, he opened the letter with shaking hands.
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Written for [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali's AWDT Birthday/Anniversary fic exchange. Dedicated to [ profile] sugareey, who wanted “anything involving Snape.” Hope you like it.

Title: Snape’s Choice
Pairing: None – Gen fic
Rating: PG
Length: 631 words
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: So not mine.
Summary: One year after Dumbledore’s death, Severus Snape faces another life and death choice.

Snape’s Choice

I think that only Albus Dumbledore could have found amusement in my predicament. For today, on the anniversary his death, I am faced with yet another life and death choice.

I feel the burden of Albus’ trust weighing heavily upon me as I face my current decision. I remember how one year ago he begged me through Occulmency to make the right choice. He always believed in me, believed that I would choose what was right over what was easy. I will never know if he would agree with my choice. I simply know that I did what I thought had to be done.

I wonder if Albus really believed that his Gryffindor Golden Boy would defeat the Dark Lord? If so, he was so very wrong. Potter stands bound before all the Death Eaters now, easily captured when he attempted to kill his nemesis.

Thus, my current dilemma. Kill Potter, as the Dark Lord commands me to do. Or kill the Dark Lord instead.
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