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Apr. 6th, 2007 08:56 pm
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Title: Dawn
Authors: [ profile] daylyn and [ profile] arrmaitee
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character Death
Disclaimer: *checks* Nope. Still not ours. Damn.
Summary: While on his deathbed, Severus makes a final request of Harry, his vampire lover.

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Severus watched as his lover crept into their bedroom.

“How was dinner?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. Harry started.

“Sorry,” Harry said, taking off his cloak and crossing the room to their bed. “I didn’t want to wake you.”

"You didn't,” Severus said. He looked at Harry. The vampire had rosy cheeks and a healthy glow about him. Obviously his late night excursion had been successful.

Harry bent down to kiss him, carefully keeping his fangs hidden. He stroked Severus’ greasy hair. “You should be resting,” he admonished softly.

“Harry,” Severus said, his frail fingers reaching for the pale, cold wrist.


"I love you."

"I know," Harry replied affectionately. "I love you, too. But you shouldn't talk. The healer…"

"… knows nothing," Severus interrupted.

Harry looked at him sharply. "There are more ways to heal than just potions."

"Stop it," Severus said. "We don't have time for this."

"You need to rest."

"Harry, you’re not listening to me. There’s no time left."

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked weakly.

"I'm going to die."
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Hi everyone!

[ profile] arrmaitee and I have been busy again.

We've written another SLASH PARODY! In this post-war crack!fic, Harry lost his sense of purpose after defeating Voldemort. But soon Harry realizes that he will only achieve his true potential by assuming the secret identity of a superhero - The Pink Protector. Much crack ensues.

For a good time, click on arrmaitee's LJ.

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Well, [ profile] arrmaitee and I wrote another Crack!Fic SLASH PARODY.

In this politically-correct "PWPWP" (Porn without the Plot without the Porn), Harry embarks on an all important quest to find Albus Dumbledore's will. Much censored shagging ensues.

Harry is paired with EVERYONE!

Click on over to Arrmaitee’s LJ and enjoy Who Has The Will?

Go on, click. You know you want to. And I promise you it will be so worth it.
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Arrmaitee and I just found out that our latest parody,
The Unauthorized Goblet of Fire, has just been nominated for "Best Parody in a Slash Category" at the [ profile] hposcars. Woo Hoo!

Voting ended last night (what a large window of opportunity we all had to vote).

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Well, [ profile] arrmaitee and I have been busy writing another SLASH PARODY again. This time we take on the oh-so-easy-to-mock Goblet of Fire.

You've all seen the film… several times. But for those of you craving an unauthorized, uncensored view of what really happened during Harry's saucy, slashy fourth year at Hogwarts, click on over to Arrmaitee’s LJ and read:

The UNAUTHORIZED Goblet of Fire

We had a blast writing it – go and enjoy.
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Hey everyone,

So [ profile] arrmaitee and I have been writing slash parodies again. Woo hoo!

Check out the first chapter of Seven More Days, the sequel to Seven Days. In the first fic, a parody of the film The Ring, virginal Draco Malfoy watches a mysterious raunchy homemade video, and then receives an owl indicating that he will be “deflowered in seven days,” unless he can first uncover the video’s sordid secrets.

In this sequel, a parody of The Ring Two, Draco and Harry run off to the countryside to hide from the mystery man who wants to plunder Draco’s precious chamber. But safety is fleeting, as Draco soon finds Harry becoming more and more like the mystery man himself.

Go on. Click on over to Arrmaitee’s LJ and enjoy Chapter One of Seven More Days.
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Well, [ profile] arrmaitee and I have been busy with another parody series. It’s a spin-off of our Very Secret LiveJournals, and tells the story, via instant messaging, of the burning, secret thoughts and desires of Hogwarts’ sex-crazed students and staff.

Go on, click on over to Arrmaitee’s journal and read The Very Secret Instant Messages, Chapter 1

This chapter explores the trials and tribulations in a Severus/Remus relationship. At least to start… but we all know what my OTP is…

You know you want to click. Go…
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Hello everyone.

By way of background:

Several weeks ago, [ profile] arrmaitee and I were discussing how American Idol finalist Anthony Fedorov looked an awful like Harry/Draco’s love child. His features are actually quite similar, and he has blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, and a scar.

Arrmaitee made a post in his LJ to that effect. As a result, he received numerous pleas to “write the fic.”

He then managed to coerce convince me that writing the fic would be both fun and a good idea.


And so, my pretties, go to [ profile] arrmaitee’s LJ, if you dare, and enjoy Who’s Your Daddies?

I, of course, will be praying that Anthony Fedorov never discovers that there are people in the world who would write that he’s the wizard son of two gay five-year-old dads.

*sigh again*

I am going straight to hell.
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Chapter 2: The Plan

[whiff whiff]


[whiff whiff]

“Who am I? Where am I? And when the hell did I grow breasts?”

[whiff whiff]
“RON! Will you please stop waving your skanky hand-me-down briefs under my nose?!”

“But you fainted, Hermione, and we couldn’t find any smelling salts. So Harry and I decided to improvise.”

“Erm... yeah… thanks… I guess.”
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A Very Snarry Romance


Arrmaitee and Daylyn


SLASH! PARODY! Harry Potter wakes up and suddenly realizes that he’s gay and that he wants to shag the potions master. But will Hermione help him seduce the greasy git?
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Chapter 1: The Revelation

“Hi. My name is Harry James Potter, and I’m a homosexual.”

No, that just sounds stupid. I should start again.

“Hi, I’m Harry. And you must be Snapey, I mean… Snape.”

Bugger! Pick up lines are harder than I thought. You’d think by the time I turned sixteen that these kinda things would be easy, but I have no real experience with relationships (other than that ridiculous tryst with She-Who-Must-Not-Stop-Sobbing). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Pretending to hit on Snape. Let me give it one more try.

“Hi, I’m Harry. Harry Potter. You probably remember me from detention or from Double Potions class or even from Occlumency lessons, but I have something GREAT to tell you. You see, last night I went to bed thinking that I’m straight and that I was gonna marry Ginny Weasley, move into a flat in London, raise a family and lead a normal superhero life… but then everything changed. I realized when I woke up that I’m gay and I want to shag you silly! Isn’t that exciting?!”

All right, maybe the blunt approach wouldn’t work well either. Snape is definitely the ne plus ultra of chicken hawks, but I have a feeling that the frigid rooster’s gonna play hard to get. After all, it isn’t all that often that an incredibly hot, newly buff, sixteen-year-old celebrity seduces his greasy, scrawny yet devastatingly sexy thirty-six-year-old potions master. He'd probably be suspicious of my advances, and I wouldn't want to make him... nervous.
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Here's my first 100-word drabble. It was written with [ profile] arrmaitee.


His Screams Fill The Night



His screams fill the night.

The boy lies in the infirmary, pale in the moonlight; his lightening-shaped scar bleeding dark red.

Albus senses my approach. “Severus, how are…?” he falters.

I gaze into his cold, opaque eyes. I want to cry out… to make him taste Lupin’s spattered blood and witness my lover’s silent stoic stare as I bludgeoned him in service to the Dark Lord.

“Fine, Headmaster,” I reply instead.

“Severus,” he utters uneasily. “I didn’t mean…”

I walk away, unwilling to hear his false platitudes. He will never understand.

Only the screaming boy and I know the pain.

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