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Drabble (exactly 100 words) for my Drabble Meme (still taking requests, btw).

Written for [ profile] sherlock2040 who requested Sherlock Holmes/John Watson - prompt: 'penguin', 'marshmallow' and 'sheep'


“Of course, the penguin gave him away.”

“Now I know you’re making this up, Holmes. There is no way there was a penguin in the sheep field.”

“Watson, have some faith. The penguin had escaped and run wild.”

“Don’t you mean waddled wild? Really Holmes.”

“Why would I fabricate my tale?”

“To make me crazed?”

“If that was my goal, Watson, I would do that thing with my tongue.”

“Promises, promises. You—mmmm. Oh yes, do that thing with your tongue again.”



“You taste like marshmallow.”

“Good. Come here and have desert.”

“What a splendid idea, dear fellow.”
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gacked from [ profile] rabidsamfan

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

1. Sherlock Holmes/John Watson - prompt: 'penguin', 'marshmallow' and 'sheep' for [ profile] sherlock2040
2. Watson and the aftermath of one of their cases for [ profile] rabidsamfan
3. Mycroft/Moriarty: illicit goings-on in the Diogenes Club for [ profile] shes_a_geek
4. Criminal Minds -- impressions of any character from another character's POV for [ profile] fabrise

Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, (I'll consider Lord of the Rings although I've never actually written anything in that fandom).

A prompt suggestion would be great.
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I finished the drabbles/ficlets from my meme. Woo hoo! They range in length from 100 to 350 words (basically, whatever came out of my head at the spur of the moment). Enjoy!

Watson and women (Holmes POV) )

Beachy old Holmes/Watson )

Young Holmes/Watson: “to watch” )

Harry Potter / Sherlock Holmes crossover )

Holmes/Watson and a little bit of mystery with veratiserum from HP universe )

Holmes/Watson: springtime )
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Snagged from lots of people (Since I've requested a few drabbles myself, it's about time I posted this)

The first FIVE people to comment in this post get to request a drabbleish length fic (i.e., about 100 words) of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal.

Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes (my first preference), Harry Potter, and I'm willing to try Torchwood (but don't expect brilliance).

Let me know what fandom/pairing/etc. you want, and PLEASE give me a prompt.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] rabidsamfan! (hey, it may be late, but it's still your birthday here in California, for another 3 hours and 8 minutes anyway).

To celebrate, here's a little slice (of life) drabble in Baker Street:


Holmes eyed the cake suspiciously. “Do you honestly believe that Watson is going to eat that… monstrosity?”

Mrs. Hudson suppressed a sigh (and a desire to hit her tenant with a pan). “The Doctor enjoys my baking efforts.”

“There is no reason to deluge Watson with that confectionary nightmare simply because it is his birthday.”

“Just because you are some sort of abnormality who loathes chocolate doesn’t mean that he has to suffer!”

Watson burst in the room. “I say, Holmes, have you seen—oh my! Chocolate cake!”

Watson immediately cut a slice as Holmes shuddered and Mrs. Hudson beamed.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] sherlock2040! I hope your day is fabulous!

I wrote you a Bert drabble (exactly 100 words). For those of you not in the know, Bert is a tea cup character created by [ profile] sherlock2040 who inhabits the Sherlock Holmes universe and who has taken on a life of his own (in more ways than one).


Bert surveyed his domain. The wind blew fiercely against the windows, but the fire was burning cheerfully, making the sitting room warm and cozy. Mrs. Hudson had fled screaming again as Bert had cuddled up to the tea pot, seeking its heat and comfort. Holmes was conducting another chemical experiment in an attempt to bring said tea pot to life. Watson was reading a story aloud, lulling Bert with his soothing dulcet tones as he conveyed the romantic and adventurous tale.

Bert sighed in utter contentment as he watched his little family. Life was good for a sentient tea cup.
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Just a few drabbles, inspired by the Valentine's Day Drabble (and Ficlet) Writing over on the Holmesslash Yahoo!Groups.

One is about Psycho!Mycroft (Sherlock's brother, who is too much fun to write as being dangerously nasty, even if he isn't at all appropriate for Valentine's Day). Exactly 100 words.

"I know how my brother intends to escape your clutches, leaving you caught instead."

"How much?"

"Not every man can be purchased, Mr. Moriarty."

"Every man has a price, Mr. Holmes."

I gave a tight smile. We understood each other. "Sherlock will be traveling with the Doctor, who is not to be harmed."

His lips pursed. "That may be unavoidable."

"No. You must find a way. I insist."

"Do you want him brought to you?"

"Unnecessary. He will be quite easy to… manipulate… once my brother is gone."


I laid bare Sherlock's plans, salivating in anticipation of my own.

And the other uses the prompts of slush, Mycroft, and pantaloons (although not particularly well, but hey, at least there are no psycho siblings). A schmaltzy double drabble (200 words).

I trudged through the slush. Mycroft had provided me with the answer yet again—`Well, if his pantaloons were as you say, then his assailant must have had an accomplice.' The fact that two men were involved significantly reduced the list of suspects and—

I stopped abruptly as I saw Watson making his way through the foul weather. He limped slightly, the dampness obviously bothering his wound.

I caught up with him and linked my arm with his. His smile of delight upon seeing me made my knees slightly weak. I wondered how he could affect me so.

"Holmes! How is everything with the case?"

"Nearly complete, my dear Watson. A few more enquiries and I believe we will have a successful resolution."


"Where are you heading to on a night such as this, Watson?"

He flushed slightly. "I was going to the tobacconist."

"Weren't you there just yesterday?" I asked, puzzled.

"Yes, but you are almost out of your strong shag. I wanted to make sure you had some on hand in case you were dealing with a two pipe problem."

The cold outside could in no way compete with the warmth I felt at my friend's care.

*yawn* Off to bed for me now.
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This was written for [ profile] k_haldane's microfic/microfun challenge. She listed 10 song titles and you had to choose one and write a itty bitty fic in two minutes. I ended up choosing three titles and when I was finished, I had a drabble.

So here, for your enjoyment, is my very first Torchwood drabble. It's not really canon compliant, but it's what came out of my head in that short period and I liked it. Oh, and it's exactly 100 words.

The song titles used were A Storm is Coming, Magnetic Fields and I Remember You. Enjoy!

Stormy Times

“A storm is coming, Jack,” Ianto said, looking up at the sky.

Jack nodded.

“I’m not talking about the weather,” Ianto added.

“I know.”

“Where shall we go from here?” The desperation could be heard in Ianto’s voice.

“Into the magnetic fields. It’s the only place that’s safe.”

Ianto nodded. “I won’t remember you, will I?” he asked, his tone clearly betraying his devastation.

Jack didn’t respond. “Go,” he insisted and pushed the younger man into the field.

He watched as Ianto entered.

“But I’ll always remember you, Ianto,” Jack whispered. He stayed outside and waited for the approaching storm.
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Well, I just wrote a cute little drabble in response to the [ profile] hp100 "Open and Closed" challenge.

It's a Snarry piece, called Outside Snape's Door.


ETA: I just wrote Part 2 of the Snarry drabble, called Inside Snape's Chamber, also located at the link above. OK, I'm stepping away from the computer now...
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Here's my first 100-word drabble. It was written with [ profile] arrmaitee.


His Screams Fill The Night



His screams fill the night.

The boy lies in the infirmary, pale in the moonlight; his lightening-shaped scar bleeding dark red.

Albus senses my approach. “Severus, how are…?” he falters.

I gaze into his cold, opaque eyes. I want to cry out… to make him taste Lupin’s spattered blood and witness my lover’s silent stoic stare as I bludgeoned him in service to the Dark Lord.

“Fine, Headmaster,” I reply instead.

“Severus,” he utters uneasily. “I didn’t mean…”

I walk away, unwilling to hear his false platitudes. He will never understand.

Only the screaming boy and I know the pain.

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